We are pleased to announce a new Tobacco Control Center of Excellence (TCCOE) supported by the Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center. The TCCOE is directed by Eric Donny, PhD and Associate Directors Erin Sutfin, PhD and Ryan Drenan, PhD. The TCCOE aims to 1) Encourage a wide range of research aimed at better understanding the use of tobacco products and their impact on health; 2) Facilitate the translation of research into effective prevention, treatment, and policy interventions; and 3) Support the development of promising students and faculty.

The TCCOE is interested in promoting activities across a wide range of areas including basic science, transdisciplinary/translational research, prevention, cessation, addiction and decision sciences, reducing tobacco-related disease, health disparities, potential reduced harm tobacco products, policy and regulatory science. Current and planned center activities include pilot funding, travel awards, seminar/webinar series, “incubation” hour, and faculty recruiting.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wake Forest TCCOE, please fill out the application below. We welcome members from diverse backgrounds including faculty, students, and staff who share a common interest in reducing the burden of tobacco-related disease through research, education, training, treatment and implementation.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Bunch, Project Manager, at sbunch@wakehealth.edu or 336-702-9036.

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