Please complete the survey below upon confirmation of new faculty transfer to Wake Forest.

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This brief form is intended to assist faculty and staff who are transferring their employment to Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist and who will have a primary appointment with the Wake Forest School of Medicine. Submitting the completed form automatically notifies the relevant administrative departments of the upcoming transfer so that all research-related transition processes may be handled in as smooth and as prompt a manner as possible. Please find additional information about the transfer process on the CTSI website.

When you submit the form, you will need to input an email address to receive your post-survey instructions regarding information as to who to contact to assist you with various tasks as they relate to the transfer. You will need to speak to the individuals on this list with a yes next to their name (will appear in email confirmation), about the transition to Wake Forest.

Returning to the Survey

Once you begin the survey, you will have the option to save your answers and complete the form at another time. Please write down and save the return code you are given should you elect to use this option, so that you may return to the survey.

Printing the Survey

You may also print a PDF version of the form and enter your answers at a later time.

If you have questions about the transfer process or this form, please contact Debbie Sanabria

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