CTSI's Translational Workforce Development program is pleased to announce a call for applications for Research 101. The goal of this course is to develop foundational research knowledge and skills for clinicians interested in conducting clinical research. Emphasis will be on the iterative process necessary to transform an idea into a viable research question and then into a well-designed study.

Using a blended learning approach, participants will view online lectures regarding core content coupled with in-person workshop sessions providing opportunities for discussion and application of the content. Relevant CTSI and institutional resources will be highlighted in each session. Participants will develop a research question into a draft application for a CTSI Pilot Grant or similar institutional pilot funding mechanisms.

Time Frame: Approximately 12 weeks beginning May 16th through the week of September 12th.
Requirements: The course is open to clinicians from any region of Atrium Health, but applicants must have a faculty appointment to apply.
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