The Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity (MACHE) Voucher Program aims to support the inclusion of special populations in research by providing financial assistance for services that reduce barriers for participation.

The MACHE Voucher Program connects studies to the following services:

  • Transportation: Shuttle service or parking tokens
  • Advertisement: Advertisements must be in media outlets and/or sites targeting special populations. Advertisement costs include: electronic ads, newspaper ads, postage, tv commercials, radio announcement, flyers, posters, direct mailings, social media promotion, etc. We can also consult on graphic design and communication messaging.
  • Caregiving: Tertiary vendors are contracted to provide child care and senior companion-care services.
  • Other - teams may request miscellaneous support directly related to inclusion of special populations in research.


Studies that include special populations in research and have a need for services to minimize barriers to participation and increase retention. Each voucher awardee is also strongly encouraged to schedule a consultation service with a MACHE ISP team member to discuss plans for recruitment and retention.

Special Populations Definition:

Participants who are:

  • 17 years old and under
  • 65 years old and above
  • Underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities
  • LGBTQ individuals
  • Rural residents
  • and other

Application Process:

  • Interested applicants must review the MACHE Voucher Program Guideline before an application can be submitted.
  • Investigators are responsible for completing the application in detail.
  • Award Period is July - June, studies should request funding accordingly.
  • Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Submission Deadline:

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Funds need to be exhausted by June 30 and new awards will be available July 1.

Review Process:

  • Application approval depends upon availability of funds, application significance (potential impact for special populations) and study needs.
  • Review period is no more than 4 weeks from Voucher Application submission date.
  • The ISP leadership team reviews applications monthly and may approve requests below the amount requested.
  • If a request is denied, study teams are encouraged to address recommendations/concerns and reapply.

Award Requirements:

  • Approved studies must read and sign the MACHE Voucher Program Award Agreement.
  • Account balances will be assessed quarterly, balances may be adjusted based on forecasted needs/expenditure trends.
  • All awarded studies must submit a MACHE Voucher Program Progress Report a month after the end of the Award Period.
  • Award recipients must cite Wake Forest CTSI services in any publications and documents that resulted from these resources. For more information on how to site CTSI services go to https://ctsi.wakehealth.edu/cite-ctsa.

Post-Award Considerations:

  • Funding must be expended by June 30.
  • No Cost Extensions are permitted on a case by case basis, but NCE requests must be submitted at least one month prior to the end of the award period.
  • Studies may request an award adjustment to either increase or decrease award amount at any time.
  • If a study does not expend any funds within six months of the award date, they automatically forfeit their voucher award.


Please contact The Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity, Laura McDuffee, lmcduffe@wakehealth.edu.

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